Christmas Stockings - Prague Lady Lace Hold Ups from Big Tights Company

If you've yet to experience the wonder of the Big Tights Company, then you need to check out my recent blog post about them here. Not only do they have tights which fit up to a UK size 42, they also have an incredible range of stockings and hold ups too! I jumped at the chance to put a pair through their paces, and went with the racy red option because they looked so pretty. But the Prague Lady Lace Hold Ups come in a range of shades, with black and bridal white also on offer too.

I'm a lady who loves her stockings and hold ups, but with legs which are both chunky AND muscular, I do find it difficult to find a good fit. Either the band will start to wriggle down, or there will be something of a thigh muffin top - neither which are ideal. That's what I love about the  Prague Lady Lace Hold Ups - they are designed to fit over legs up to a UK 30 with two different size bands available. This makes them pull up to where they should, allows them to feel comfy and you can be sure the silicon band will keep them exactly where they should be all night.

If you prefer, there is even a stocking option available with the perfect top to clip to a suspender belt. I love the seams at the back, and these are definitely on my wish list for when I can hopefully afford to buy myself some after Christmas. I noticed that they even have a metal clasp suspender belt for sale, which is surely the holy grail of any plus size lingerie lover. Is there anything worse than those cheap plastic poppers which almost all plus size belts seem to have?

Going back to the red hold ups, I cannot recommend them enough. Their wide lace top is as pretty as it is functional, and the sheer 20 denier finish is perfect for all occasions. They are designed to fit thighs up to 31" round, with a double silicone bands on top to keep them secure. It is also impossible to put them on and not instantly feel like a total femme fatal! I'm not sure these are quite the stockings which Father Christmas expects to see hung up with care, but they will certainly get you on his naughty list!

Until next time,

Diana xx

*The hold ups have been kindly sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love the colour of these
    Looking fantastic!

  2. Woo! Someone's in for a merry Christmas! Gorgeous hold ups and I love how you've paired them with the Kitty set. It looks gorgeous!


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