Shake It Off - Your New Favourite Leggings from Pertz

Pertz leggings have taken a comfortable item of clothing, and made it even better. Designed to support your tummy with a hidden control panel, the slightly shiny fabric makes the garment sit somewhere between tights and a leotard in terms of how it fits and feels.

Manufactured without an elastic waist band, they offer total comfort whilst giving support. Whilst they don't claim to be shapewear in the sense of something like Spanx, they do promise smoothness and support, in addition to giving your bottom a lift.

Perfect to wear under dresses or tunics, Pertz leggings help to minimise cellulite bumps if that's a thing which bothers you. Personally what sold them to me was how supported my legs felt when running - I wore them under my usual jogging bottoms and found that they really kept my muscles and body warm by retaining heat.

At £45 they are a bit of an investment, but having gone through the wash several times after being put through their paces running, they still look as new. Not even my thighs rubbing together has worn them in, which is pretty amazing as it's always the first thing to go in my sportswear. Of course these are mostly designed to be used as a combined tights /  shapewear hybrid, and in that sense, just having to buy the one, very durable item does save money.

Pertz leggings are available up to a UK 22, although if you can afford to size up one size, it's definitely worth doing as they do run a little small. They WILL feel tight when you first get them on, but don't worry. They have the slight feel of compression socks, but one you get past that, are so comfy and look great on.

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  1. what a shame they don't come in more sizes, they look like a nice material!

  2. How is comparing them to compression socks a good thing??? I've had my fair share of compression socks, and I remember them as being impossible to get on! All I can see is me squirming on a bed trying to get into a pair of leggings!

    1. They're not difficult at all, and really hold you firmly but comfortably. And they're great for someone like yourself who suffers from the cold too as they really kept the heat in when running. :)

  3. So upset they don't go to bigger sizes. They sound great and look good on you too. I need something to hold my jiggle together. 😂😂😂

    1. Ahh, who knows what the future holds. Although I'm sure you and your jiggle are awesome as they are regardless! x

  4. I'm really pleased you like them Diana :) What a nice write up.
    I'm just letting you know that they now come in four different colours. Enjoy


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