Here Comes The Summer - SS16 Prints From Collectif

There's nothing like some bright, fun prints to chase away the winter blues, and the SS16 collection from vintage repro brand Collectif pulls no punches in getting ready for sunshine filled fun. It's no secret that my love for Colectif knows no bounds. Their Dolores and Mimi shapes are cut perfectly for ladies with a larger bust, and they have a whole multitude of styles to make every body shape feel like a silver screen siren.

Their spring / summer offerings are cheerful, bright and perfect for holiday suitcases and local park picnics. Floral prints, flamingos and even mermaid designs make an appearance, with a whole load of cute cardigans to finish your outfit off. Whilst it was tempting to post every single item from the collection, I've tried my best to limit it to my absolute favourites in each style. I'm sure I say this every season, but this might just be my favourite collection from them yet!

Fitted Dresses.
(l-r) Dolores 50s Cherry Print Pencil Dress (£55), Dolores Paint Pot Pencil Dress (£59.50), Hepburn Cherry Lips Print Pencil Dress (pink, light blue £40), Dolores Vintage Polka Dot Pencil Dress (£47.50).

(l-r) Maddison Toile Print Pencil Dress (£52.50), Lori Polka Dot Floral Pencil Dress (£35), Tallulah Maui Hibiscus Sarong Dress (£55), Dolores Paint Pot Pencil Dress (£59.50), Mahina Flamingo Print Sarong Dress (£40).
The range of prints is incredibly diverse and this isn't even everything which the brand have coming up. The Tallulah Maui Hibiscus Sarong in particular made me swoon when I saw it - look how pretty it is! 

Flared Dresses.
(l-r) Monica Mermaid Print Swing Dress (£48.50), Fairy Flamingo Print Swing Dress (£45), Daisy Swing Dress (£55), Adele Sea Shell Print Flared Dress (£55).
Whilst many of the prints are produced in both the pencil and flared style of dresses, there are some exceptions which are total gems such as the daisy swing dress. As someone who is both a sucker for daisies and the colour yellow, this is pretty much my dream dress and I cannot wait for it to come out. It's one of those designs which works both for summer weddings and cute dates. 

(l-r) Lucy Flamingo Cardigan (£39), Flora Daisy Cardigan (£40), Jessica Daisy Cardigan (£42.50), Lucy Mermaid Cardigan (£39), Lucy Pineapple Cardigan (£39), Lucy Strawberry Cardigan (£39).
Also new for SS16 is a larger selection of knitwear designs. Great teamed with some high waisted bottoms or thrown over a swing dress, they're the perfect finishing touch to any vintage inspired outfit.

As a whole, it's pretty much impossible to choose a favourite print from the collection as they are all fabulous. The floral and daisy prints probably match what is already in my wardrobe, but the mermaid and flamingo options are just so much fun!

Don't forget to tell me what your favourites are in the comments, and let's all hope for some sunshine and warm weather soon to wear them in!

Until next time,

Diana xx

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(All photos (c) Collectif)


  1. I am so in love with the mermaids and the flamingos dammit! Hurry up payday you bitch haha!

    1. Haha, I know right? The prints are just so spot on! x

  2. I'm totally with you re: the Tallulah Hibiscus Sarong dress. In fact, I have a wedding to go to in April and I'm eyeing this up as a contender! Also, those flamingo prints and cardigan - such lovely things coming up for SS16!! xx

    1. It's just so beautiful! That and the yellow daisy dress are my absolute must haves, but to be honest, I pretty want it all. The designs on the cardigans are just the cutest! xx

  3. I should not have read this. I want everything!


  4. Nice job! Very helpful! But my fav print for the new collection is the pinapple one that I see didn't catch Your fancy :P

    1. Thank you! :) To be honest, I loved all the prints and it was so hard to not post absolutely everything! The pineapple was one which almost made it in. It's just all too good! ;)


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