Living The Highlight - Maybelline Master Contour By Facestudio

Sometimes a product falls into your lap which completely floors you! Enter Maybelline Master Contour By Facestudio, a simple contour and highlight chubby stick which allows you to be defined and dewy with a few simple swipes.

It's a stick of two halves - one darker side to contour, and a lovely champaign coloured highlighter on the other to illuminate. The contour is sheer, buildable and blends with ease, with both sides feeling moisturising and perfect for a natural looking sculpt.

I used it in the same way I've previously used my contour powder, which is by using the darker side on my forehead and underneath the holllow of my cheekbones. I've then used the lighter side is on the centre of my forehead, under my brow bone, on my nose and chin - basically, the prominent features on your face which would catch a natural spotlight. You can also use it on your cupids bow and inner eyes to make you look alert and ready to go which is one of my favourite make-up tricks.

Available in June, this is a sample which ended up on my desk via a friend who knew it'd be more my thing than hers, and crikey, was she right. This is without a doubt going to end up as one of those high-street brand heroes, which once tried will never leave your make-up bag!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x
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  1. Your skin looks flawless Di! Great review on the product. I may have to see if they have some darker shades :)

    1. Thanks Mayah! :) It's all make-up! ;) I know it's coming out in at least one other shade which looked significantly darker, but fingers crossed there are several more either side. x


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