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With Halloween out of the way, you know that that means - we are finally on that mulled wine scented, twinkle light covered road towards Christmas time. But if like me you're a fan of doing your shopping in your pyjamas, buckle up for the first of several gift guides because baby it's cold outside. And no one wants to deal with Christmas shopping crowds in real life. (Whilst this isn't a sponsored post, please note that the links are AL where applicable.)
Whether you're shopping for a secret Santa, stocking filler or under the tree gift, the guys over at Cool Stuff have got things wrapped up pretty well. With every item in this post coming in at less £35, there is something to suit most budgets and most tastes.

If you know someone like me who can't afford a mortgage because of their love of smashed avo on toast, then this AvoSeedo (£8.99) is the perfect gift! Forget about toothpicks and mould, this handy kitchen device allows you or your favourite plant nerd to float the stone in just the right amount of water, resulting in some soil ready roots and a new avocado plant in 1-3 months. As someone who has been trying to root stones in ramekin dishes for the best part of a year, I am very excited to give this one a go myself!

This Hashtag Mug (£11.99) is perfect for your favourite social media superstar, whether sibling, friend or secret Santa. It comes complete with its own whiteboard pen so that you can scribble your coffee order, to-do list or even  favourite doodle to your heart's content.

The Magic Wallet (£15.99) is a fun and unique gift idea which doubles as a cute party trick. Not only does it hold your folding money, it also manages to secure them under the loop simply by closing the wallet itself. No more having to fiddle with elastic, it does all the work for you. 

You can't leave the pets out when Christmas shopping, and you'll get as much pleasure our of this Pet Shark Bed (£24.99) as your furry friends will. The igloo shape is great for all cats and small dogs up to 10kg, and whilst sturdy, is soft enough to be sat on and flattened and has a removable cushion inside for easy cleaning.

If you are in search of a warm glow to cheer up these long winter nights, then this Himalayan Salt Lamp (£24.99) might be one for your Christmas wish list. Each lamp is unique, carved from a natural salt block and emits a beautiful pink-orange hue wherever placed.

This Skull Drinks Dispenser (£25.99) was a brilliant talking point at our Halloween party, but is the perfect gift for anything with a spooky style running through their home decor. The glass container holds a whopping 8 litres of drink, and whilst we used ours to hold a fruity cocktail, it'd perfect for infused water, iced tea or whatever cooling drink you desire.

If like me you're a book worm who hates getting out of bed to turn the light off, this Mood Book Lamp (£32.99) is a game changer. Stored as a book sized object, it fans open until you click through to your chosen ambient colour for cosy lighting. Better still, it has a magnet to keep it fully opened AND lasts for more than six hours via a USB charger.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I love that book lamp!


    1. It's so cute, and such a good design for space saving reasons! :)


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