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I feel like I need to preface this blog post by saying that this isn't in any way sponsored or gifted. I'm just a massive nerd who thought that these clothing items might go towards serving up some Harry Potter Halloween inspiration for someone. So whether like me you're Team Hufflepuff or Team Wrong, click to expand and join the winning side!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you've probably seem me mention my Hufflepuff allegiance "once or twice". As a card carrying, animal hugging, house plant collector, if I were to ever get my Hogwarts letter, it seems a bit of a no brainer that I'd be placed in Badger House. Plus yellow is one of my favourite colours to wear, so that worked out great!

A few months ago Howard surprised me with the black version of this adorable Hufflepuff Crest Cardigan from EMP. During the cooler weather, it quickly worked its way into my day to day wardrobe where it was thrown over skinny jeans, tea dresses and skirt and tee combs. It features an embroidered house logo, yellow stripes and is available up to a 5XL which is roughly a UK 26.

There's no getting away from that fact that it's a bit childish, but I'm a firm believer that fashion should be fun. Whilst I wouldn't wear it to a meeting or a fashion event, you bet I'll be in the line for movie tickets or meeting a friend for coffee repping the best house in Hogwarts.

I was trying to find an easy (read: lazy) way to use the cardigan as the basis for a Halloween costume, and that's where the dress of my dreams came in! The Hogwarts House Dress is so cute, it's ridiculous. On the surface, it's a tailored fit lbd with a peter pan collar and 3/4 puff sleeves. So far, so goth. But on top of that, it has the Hogwarts logo embroidered onto it, and also comes with a set of four house ribbons which are completely interchangeable. It's available up a 4XL which translates roughly to a UK 24, and as it comes up quite short, is pretty true to size.

I teamed it with some black tights from Yours and my trusty wide fit brogues from New Look via ASOS. The dress is maybe not as easy to get away with as an everyday item, but I'll certainly be taking the stripped ribbons and using them with plain shirts and dresses just as a cute non Harry Potter themed accessory.

What are you planning for Halloween? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. Those outfits are amazing and you look so great! I want to buy all the Slytherin stuff EMP has :) This year I'm doing the Bride of Frankenstein, but last year we had a Hogwarts theme, and I already want to re-do that :p

    1. Bride of Frankenstein also sounds amazing though! :)


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