Creep It Cute - Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress and Coven Cutie Skater Dress from Killstar

I don't need an excuse to dress up like it's Halloween every day of the year, and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I've fallen totally in love with this Ashbury's Angel Velvet Dress from Killstar. Originally purchased to get me through the relentless summer heat, it's not been packed away for winter just yet as I'm still hoping to be able to get some mileage out of it, possibly over a turtleneck.

I've always been a bit of an old goth at heart, and this summer dress really spoke to me. Available up to a 4x, it's a mix of crushed velvet and lace with an open neck, fitted shape and a lace up front. As it gets colder I'll probably switch to wearing it with thick tights or knee high socks and throw something underneath it to layer it, but it was just too cute to put away with the rest of my summer wardrobe and perfect for anyone who holds the spirit of Halloween in their heart the whole year through.

Choker: New Look (no longer available)

Killstar recently had a buy one get one half price deal on their website which I couldn't resist taking advantage of. The other purchase was their Coven Cutie Skater Dress which with some clever layering will definitely take me through the winter.

Made from the softest stretch jersey, it's a fit and flare shape with a faux leather collar and a gorgeous moon hanging from the zip. This is definitely a creep it cute style, and even with the faux leather collars can still be chucked into a cold cycle when it comes to washing.

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