Feeling Blue

Hello dear reader, the last few months have been strange all round for everyone, and like much of the general population, the only fashion I've been invested in are pyjama and jogging bottoms based. Bra? I don't know her. But as we're now trying to scramble for some sort of normal, it means I have to think about what's in my wardrobe again, and not just constantly rotate my three favourite sets of pyjamas. So this is the first on a series of posts of photos that I've sat on for months, meaning that much of what will be in the next few posts is probably now unavailable. I'll be sure to leave links where I can, but hopefully the photos themselves might create some outfit inspiration.
So, let's just get it out the way now - my hair is a mess. I got frustrated with my split ends and lobbed a LOT of the length off when cutting it into a u-shape, but then I am someone with no hairdressing skills other than watching a YouTube tutorial. I also cut off way more than I had intended, but my goodness, it needed it! But now it's at a weird in-between length where unstyled it's a mess, and wet sets hang a bit too short and tight. And that's before we even get to my fringe which having trimmed it short at the start of lockdown, I am now avoiding touching until someone can cut the shape back in for me. So for now, it is what it is.

Dress: Ditsy Floral Mini Waisted Dress from Marks & Spencer (no longer available)
Bag:  Matt & Nat Riya Clutch Bag in mustard yellow via ASOS (no longer available)
Ring: Acid Rain Ring from Tatty Devine (£15)
Sandals: ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Forlong chunky flatform sandals in black (no longer available)

This M&S dress was a total sale bargain at the start of lockdown, when I naively thought then would become my go to smart summer staple. NOPE. But thankfully with it's mid-length sleeves, I reckon I'll be able to wear this with tights and a cardigan as we move into autumn's cooler climate, but we'll see.

The bag was also another bargain - I love Matt & Natt as their "leather" is a high quality vegan equivalent, and always so well crafted. I could never have afforded this at full price, but the sale plus the end of a gift voucher made it possible and I can't wait to wear it with pretty much everything. And if you follow me on Instagram already, you'll know that I love mustard and spend much of my life dressed like an accidental bumblebee!

The Acid Rain ring from Tatty Devine is part of their All Together Now collection, and is a laser cut, glittery, blue acrylic dream sat on top of an adjustable ring. I have in my collection a mirrored teardrop ring from their Robots In Disguise collaboration, and it instantly reminded me of that (although less handy for checking my lipstick!)

Anyway. I'm here. I'm back. How are you?

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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