Hey Mickey You're So Fine

These photos were shot right at the start of things falling apart. I remember cutting my fringe too short and too wonky and thinking that there was no way that my hair could look worse than it possibly could in that moment. Four months later, WHO KNEW? I think all of the next few posts are going to need some sort of warning about the state of my hair. But on the plus side, you can see at exactly which point in the pandemic each item was shot, so you can guess what the chances are of things being in stock still! (In this instance, for the most part zero. Sorry pals!)

Body image is a bit of a weird one. When you see yourself everyday, it's sometimes hard to see the changes. And there are changes - sometimes things fit better than others without doing anything, and others you're struggling with a zip because you know it's almost "that time of the month". I was pretty bloated when I shot these cute Micky Mouse print mum jeans, but if I'm honest, they are a size too small as well and I squeezed myself into them. But I still liked how they looked - they made me feel soft and almost like a cartoon character, and that is the sort of whimsical goodness I need in my life everyday.

I think there is often a deep seated need to feel like you should dress in a "flattering" manner. Don't listen to that deep rooted negativity. Life is to short to worry about boring things - dress in a way which makes you happy, and let that self confidence radiate.

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