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So to let you know how far behind I am with writing blog posts, these photos were taken some time in September 2020. It's not that I lost interest in writing about fashion, but more that with everything going on in the world, it just felt incredibly frivolous. Between Covid, moving across cities (twice!) and trying to keep my head above water in all senses just like everyone else this last year, I guess this blog was the last thing on my mind. I kept posting on Instagram, but it's nice to have a place to come back to with some more longer form writing.

When suddenly you're not leaving the house and wearing nothing but pyjamas and sweatpants, it felt stupid to write posts about clothes hanging in my wardrobe. But with the world now reluctantly opening up, I thought I'd share some of the photos I took and never got around to blogging. Since these photos were taken almost a year ago (!), I have included links to similar items where the photographed item isn't available.

Sonic Youth Tee.

Tee: Sonic Youth tee from eBay

Sonic Youth are one of my favourite bands, and I am a big fan of cute tees. This of course is one of the most iconic album covers of all time! Although that said, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I made it a mission to seek this tshirt out in this particular colourway after seeing it in a Netflix Christmas movie.

Ditsy Floral Dress and Black Wide Dress.

Dress: H&M
Tights: Snag
Boots: ASOS

Tights: Snag
Boots: ASOS

These two dresses were bought with some autumnal adventures in mind. My birthday is in October, so I'd had visions of flitting around London whilst wearing these, visiting exhibitions and cute cafes amongst the autumn leaves. Of course none of that happened, and like most other people, instead it was all Netflix, Kindles and loungewear. Hopefully they will get some use this coming autumn, who knows.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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