Zooming In On The Best Ways To Let Loose In Front Of The Camera

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We live in a world where pictures don’t just say a thousand words – they tell a significant part of the story! From documenting what we eat through to capturing precious moments – visual platforms like Instagram mean that we’re way more likely to reach for the camera, or book a photoshoot, than we ever have been before.

Unfortunately, while some people photograph as well as Kate Moss, many others look back through their camera reels and lament at the awkward smiles, double chins, and poses that literally make it look like there's a wooden poker somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Of course, in many ways, this is a matter of self-confidence, but it really doesn’t matter how great you look or feel if you freeze every time the camera comes out. To help you overcome that problem, we’re going to consider a few of the key ways that you can finally learn to let loose, and look amazing, even through a lens. 

Image by Josh Rose: CC0 License

Tip # 1 - Get used to having your picture taken

When we’re teengaers taking pictures all the time, good selfies come as easily as the morning. Yet, this skill soon slides when we go months without turning the camera on ourselves. Making an effort to get used to at least a few pictures a week can really help to overcome this hurdle, and it couldn’t be easier now that we have access to tools like phone cameras, selfie sticks, and even integrated mirrors as discussed in these Instax Mini Tips. Stock up on the tools that make you feel the most comfortable, and get used to using them. You should soon find that you start looking more like your wonderful self with every snap you take. 

Tip # 2 - Learn a few key poses

As is evident from this comparison photo by Bonnie Rodriguez, your pose makes a huge difference to how you look in pictures, and this is often where the stick-figure stiffness of models comes into play. By taking the time to learn just a few key poses that flatter your figure, you’re guaranteed to enjoy much better photo results. The familiarity and comfort of these go-to’s could certainly help you to avoid that deer-in-headlights feeling you currently get whenever someone tells you to say ‘cheese’!

Tip # 3 - Choose your photographer wisely

If you’re going down the professional route for a private session, or to capture a big event like a proposal, you must also choose your photographer wisely. After all, no one knows better how to relax in front of the camera than a photographer who spends their life getting people to do precisely that! Candid photographers are especially beneficial in this sense, removing the formality of an official shoot, and making it far more likely that you’ll shine in those snaps without a sniff of awkward posing in sight.

Even in an age where we take more pictures than ever, photographs can be difficult to get right. Remember, you deserve to shine in your photos, and these tips are guaranteed to make it happen at long last. 

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