Spruce Up Your Wardrobe with These 4 Tips

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Organising your wardrobe can be fun but stressful, especially when you don’t know where to start. Before moving on, here’s a fun fact: research shows that the average female will purchase about 145 handbags in her life! Just in case you have so much in your closet, be it bags, clothes, shoes, etc., and are wondering how to get creative to reflect your personality, here are some handy tips to give your wardrobe a facelift.

  1. Arrange your clothes using themes

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One way to make your stuff easier to find is to arrange them according to your preferred themes, for example, colour, how often you wear them, their category such as formal and casual, etc. Doing this will help reduce the likelihood of you tossing out your clothes in frustration when trying to find the right dress for the right occasion. 

As a plus, if you’re wondering how to keep your clothes from falling off your hangers, you can keep them in place using a glue gun! You can keep your wardrobe looking tidy by using hacks such as running a little glue along the edge of your hanger (if it’s wooden or plastic). Glue guns will help you keep your hand steady and can be found at many online retailers such as Glue Guns Direct. Wait for it to dry, and you don’t have to worry about your clothes falling off anymore. 

  1. Keep your accessories organized

Arranging your accessories is another way to spruce up your wardrobe, and you can dedicate a day in the week to do that. If you feel your collection is too dull or have gotten rid of the items you no longer use, try getting new ones. You can never go wrong with a few colourful accessories to add a fresh, creative touch to your wardrobe! Why not try out vintage earrings, colourful scarfs, and trendy handbags, etc., that reflect your personality and complement your clothes.  

  1. Do some cleaning

A wardrobe with a musty smell can be pretty unpleasant and leave your clothes with a scent that could put you and others off. So first, ensure that it is clean. Also, doing the laundry before putting the clothes you’ve worn back in the closet can go a long way in preserving their quality, letting them last longer, and avoiding any unpleasant smells. As a pro tip, wash them inside out to prevent staining and use fabric-friendly detergents. Additionally, ironing them will help you have some clothes on hand ready to wear if you need to rush out for a meeting or step out to hang out with friends.

  1. Get rid of the items you don’t use anymore

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It can be difficult parting with some of your clothes, but it’s best to do away with them if you won’t be using them anymore, whether they no longer fit or you’ve had them for too long. Instead of throwing them away, you can also make some money by hosting a garage sale, selling them online, or giving them out to a charity of your choice. This exercise isn’t only rewarding but also helps to clear up your wardrobe. 

These budget-friendly tips will help you clear up your wardrobe, and who knows, you may find that one favourite fashion piece you’ve been trying to find for years in the pile.

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