The Five Pillars Of Female Happiness

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What makes women happy? It's a question that has plagued humankind for centuries. On average, most women would agree that having more than just two people they can count on for true friendships eases their worries considerably.

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Of course, it helps when those two people aren't constantly arguing or fighting, so it doesn't cause stress to them nor others around them during difficult times, which only adds to what makes women happy. 

The more supportive an environment that a woman can create for herself, the better off she'll be overall, which only adds to what makes women happy.

A woman's happiness often relies on what is going on in her personal life. If she has a strong support system to rely on, with friends and family, then that can be what makes women happy. What also plays into the equation of female happiness are self-image and body confidence, and financial security. 

Those things will help contribute to making a confident woman who feels good about herself inside and out!

Here Are The Five Pillars Of Female Happiness

  1. Self-Love/Self Worth

Feeling confident about oneself is an essential part of feeling secure with oneself or others around them. Women who do not feel confident about themselves may have eating disorders such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa, leading to mental health problems like depression and anxiety.

  1. Health and Wellness

Women who are not in good health will often feel unhappy or dissatisfied with their life overall. For example, if a woman cannot work out because of an illness, she may begin feeling lethargic, sad, unmotivated, or insecure about her body.

Body confidence is what helps most women feel good about themselves inside and out. When they are confident in their bodies, it does wonders how they view the rest of what's going on in life, which only adds to what makes women happy.

If a woman feels like she has a nice body that can be shown off without being ashamed or judged, then she'll have more self-confidence, which will keep her from feeling down!

  1. Love

Happiness cannot be found without love. We need intimacy (whether it's platonic or romantic) from our loved ones on some level to feel fulfilled as humans. One study showed that the number of friends one has does not affect happiness levels but rather how much sex they have increases happiness levels by up to six percent!

  1. Financial Status

Having enough money in order to provide for oneself can make one happy. What contributes to this sense of well-being among females is if they're financially secure with what needs taken care of, including bills, rent or mortgage, groceries, etc., so that there is no financial burden holding them back. That way, when other things go wrong, they know what fills the gaps!

However, this pillar comes last on the list because it has been found that having an education increases happiness levels by up to 24 percent due either to increased knowledge, social status, or improved relationships with others.

  1. Self-image Is What Also Makes Women Happy

When a woman feels good about themselves and what they look like on the outside, it does wonders for their self-esteem which only adds to what makes women happy. A lot of this has to do with clothing choices and being comfortable in her own skin without feeling scrutinized or judged by others around her - which can hurt someone's feelings who doesn't feel confident enough! 


Some women may have trouble finding clothing that fits or getting lingerie that suits their unique shape. So women cannot find what they want in stores; they usually turn to online stores.

Clothes can make a woman feel sexy and confident about herself. This is an act of acceptance that may result in increased confidence for many females who often find themselves feeling insecure about wanting to wear what most would consider "plus size clothing." 

Ladies need to be confident in themselves and their bodies on some level in order to feel good and happy with who they are as a person. 

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So what does this mean? It means it is so important for ladies, not just the ones wearing what society considers normal clothes but all types of bodies, weights, heights, to love what makes them unique! That way, one feels good enough to present themselves confidently without worrying about how they look from somebody else's perspective.

Sexy Underwear

Sexy underwear impacts female happiness by making them feel sexy, confident, and happy underneath. Likewise, lingerie makes a woman feel sexy and confident. 

Hence, the importance on health to be able to live life; happily, love is what happiness cannot be found without in order for one to become fulfilled as humans, plus size sexy underwear has an impact on female happiness by making them feel sexy instead of insecure around others or herself because they are not wearing what society deems normal but rather their own unique style that will make them comfortable with who they are inside and out which boosts confidence levels.

How Can Society Make Sure That More People Get What They Need To Be Happier? 

It all boils down to how people treat one another when you see other people experiencing troubles that seem bigger than them. 

The way society treats one another and what's being said on social media also plays a significant role in what makes women happy. 

It has to do with what we say, how it's presented, and the way people react when they see others going through tough times - if there is actually genuine care and empathy or not!

These pillars have been proven to make women feel happy because it is what they want out of life for themselves and not what society or other people expect from them.

It is important for society to stop judging women by what they wear or how their body looks because that can lead to increased insecurity about themselves and what makes them feel strong, powerful, confident, sexy, or happy.

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