How To Dress For Yourself And Not Others

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Styling your own outfits is one of the most fun things ever, right? Styling something that makes you feel good and oozes your true personality is much more satisfactory than copying other people. Although it can be fun to follow trends, it can be easy to get stuck in dressing to be on trend rather than feel completely comfortable with your style. On that note, here are how to dress for yourself and not others (aka, how to show off your true personality through what you wear). 

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Choose your accessories wisely

Although accessories are a small portion of an outfit, they can say a lot about a person. Therefore, consider your accessories wisely to show off your true personality. 

For instance, you might be someone who enjoys unique jewellery. Therefore, you could think about getting your pieces from British jewellery workshops, where you can help you attain a high-quality, handmade, and unique piece. There, you will find something that nobody else has and you truly will be dressing to wear what you like, rather than wear what other people have. 

Wear colours to suit your mood

Some days we like to wear black because it’s easy and others we like to wear bright patterns because we feel inspired. It is good to spruce up your wardrobe in various colours so that you can dress depending on your mood. 

Although it is good to dress according to the weather, the weather doesn’t restrict what colours we can wear. No matter the current trend or season, you should wear more of the colours that make you feel your best self. 

Whether that means wearing all beige or a mismatch of bright colours, wear those that make you feel good about yourself.

Avoid looking into trends

Whether or not you read magazines or use social media often, it is easy to get in a trap of wearing what’s on-trend. It’s an easy trap to get stuck in, especially as shops will be stocking most products that align with the trend. 

However, that doesn’t mean that you need to give in and wear the trending pieces. In time, they will die out and new trends will come. Therefore, sticking to your favourite pieces will help you dress for yourself and not dress because a trend says so. 

Don’t ask for opinions

Although it can feel great when you ask someone what they think about your outfit and they say it looks great, that is a step into dressing for others. If that person comments that they think you should change your top, then you most likely will. Therefore, you won’t be wearing what you originally chose, you will be wearing what someone has told you to wear. 

Therefore, it will help to stop asking for opinions. The fewer opinions you have, the more content you can feel in your outfits. In time, you won’t care what people think of your outfit and dress no matter what people say about what you are wearing. 

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