Dotty For Polka Dots - New Look Curve


I have a few easy go to wear feel good dresses, but this red polka dot New Look number is probably the first one I grab every time. It's not especially fancy, but there is something so classical about the shape that it can be dressed up and down with ease. Plus I feel like a ladybug every time I put it on, and that always gives me a tiny burst of serotonin.

About two thirds of my wardrobe is probably black, with a lot of gothic and victorianna styles amongst some general day to day wear. But the third which isn't is mostly obnoxiously bright. Bold reds, daffodil yellows, and all manner of vintage prints shouting for attention. There is something real about curating your feelings through dressing for joy, and I think what's why time and time again, I fall back on the brights whenever I need a little bit of a boost.

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Diana x ❤ x

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