Joanie Leaf Summer Dress

There's nothing like a dress with pockets to get my pulse rating, but when you add in a stunning print featuring one of my favourite plants, Joanie just about stopped my heart!

Joanie are definitely one of my favourite places to shop for dresses, tshirts and knitwear. They always have the cutest prints, and my only wish is that they would extend their clothing line beyond a size 22 as I am sure when they launched a few years ago, they definitely catered to larger sizes. 

Even though this is most definitely a summer dress, I'll still be wearing this during the colder months with jumpers layered on top and tights hidden below. I'm also on a mission to see if I can find a green roll neck to match one of the shades in the dress to wear underneath. Sometimes you just find a garment which makes you feel happy, and this is definitely one of those!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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