Extensions vs Weaves vs Wigs: What's The Difference?

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Extensions, weaves and wigs are all different ways to transform your hair. They all rely on adding hair (which may be natural or synthetic) over your existing hair. However, they all work slightly differently and have different pros and cons. This guide compares them all so that you can understand when to use each.


Hair extensions are pieces of hair (known as ‘wefts’) that are clipped or bonded into your existing hair. They are commonly used to make hair longer or thicker. 

Clip-in extensions are the most popular type of extension. They’re cheap and you can put them in yourself. They’re usually designed to be taken out at the end of each day. You can look for hair extensions for sale online. Paying a little extra typically results in better quality hair extensions, some of which may also be more secure and comfortable.  

You then have bonding hair extensions and fusion hair extensions. These types of hair extensions are glued into your hair, usually by a hairdresser. Bonded hair extensions can last several weeks, while fusion hair extensions can last even longer. These types of extensions can often be more convincing than clip-in extensions, however you don’t want to get them done too regularly as the glue can damage your hair and scalp with repeated use. 

Micro-link and seamless hair extension are two newer options that are also worth knowing about. Micro-link hair extensions are attached carefully via small links, resulting in no damage to the hair. They are a bit like fancy clip-in extensions - they last for several weeks and can be reused but usually need to put in and removed by a stylist. Seamless hair extensions meanwhile use a taped or glued weft and are designed to be more comfortable and more convincing than other extension options. These have to be put in by a hairdresser and can last a few days to a few months depending on how they are applied. 


Weaves are technically a type of hair extension. Unlike regular extensions, they usually have to be put in by a hairdresser and are sewn into the hair. They can look very convincing and can last a lot longer than extensions. 

Of course, they’re a lot more expensive than regular hair extensions. Regularly getting weaves fitted could also damage your hair over time, pulling on the scalp and increasing the risk of hair loss. They’re best invested in as an occasional treat than a permanent hair solution. 


Wigs are large hair pieces that typically cover the entire head (with the exception of toupees). They’re ideal for covering up baldness, but can also be used on top of regular hair. 

Wigs have gained a lot of popularity in recent years among younger people. They allow you to completely transform your hairstyle each new day without causing any damage to your existing hair. 

It’s worth spending a little extra on a good quality wig. Not only will such wigs look more convincing, but they tend to be more comfortable and will last longer without getting damaged. 

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