How to Feel More Confident

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Whether you are preparing for a photo shoot, or just meeting up with your friends, a lack of confidence can often
stand in the way and take out the enjoyment. You don’t want to let your insecurities get the best of you, and start
to impact your life negatively. 
If you find that you are struggling with your self-esteem and want to change that fact, then you need to take some
action. While some people are born with confidence, others can develop it. With awareness, consistency and action,
you can build your confidence in no time. 
If you want to cultivate more confidence, follow these top tips to help you get started. 
Become aware of your insecurities
What is it that makes you lack confidence? Is there a cause for your insecurities, or is there a feature you don’t like
about yourself? Once you become aware, you can look at how you can overcome it. If you are insecure about your
teeth and your smile, then you may opt for a porcelain dental veneers treatmentthat can help boost your confidence. However, if you don’t feel confident in your clothes or speaking in public, then
there may be something psychological that you should work on to boost your confidence. 
Awareness will help you remove any barriers, and know which direction you need to head in to move forward. 
Look after yourself 
When you look after yourself, you are going to be in a better mood which will help you to feel much better about the
world, and yourself. Make sure you take steps that are going to make you feel happy and more comfortable in your
body. Some of the best things you can do for yourself are:
  • Getting a good night's sleep every night and allowing your body to reset
  • Eat a balanced diet filled with nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruit and whole grains 
  • Exercise on a regular basis to boost serotonin and reduce stress
  • Cultivate coping mechanisms to minimise daily stress and anxiety
  • Spend more time with friends and family having fun and laughing 
  • Indulge in self-care practices 
It is important to think about what your mind and body need, and look after yourself. When you are happy and healthy,
your confidence will naturally be boosted. 
Take action 
Action is the biggest and best way to build your confidence. You can talk about building confidence and doing different
things all you want, but without taking steps that will take you forward in the direction you wish to go, nothing will
change. Take the awareness of your insecurities, and set yourself some goals.
What do you want to achieve with your confidence? How do you want to feel?
You can then work backwards, and create your very own roadmap to confidence. This roadmap should be filled with
small tasks that you can start that do not overwhelm you, and you can slowly build on. For example, if you want to do
a photoshoot and feel confident, then you may start with small steps such as finding what clothes you like to wear,
taking a photo of yourself in the mirror, getting a friend to take a photo of you in your home, and then out in public.
Each step slowly builds your confidence, and momentum to help you reach your end goal.

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