Little Wonder (aka Lida Tights).

Ever since I reached an age where puberty and it's subsequent curves kicked in, tights have been my mortal enemy. It didn't matter whether I was at my highest or lowest weight, I could not find a pair which would stay where they were meant to on my hourglass shape.

I brought tights too big in the hope that they'd be more resilient against gravity, but it was to no avail. I brought tights too small which would leave me walking around like a drunk marsupial. I brought tights within my "recommended size band" which would ladder before I'd got them over my knee, and I've brought tights which cost me as much as the rest of my outfit, only to find myself wearing them underneath additional knickers or spanx in the vain hope that they're stay north of the equator. Of course, they hardly ever did.

I hated tights and their anti-curve elitism and felt waves of leg envy as I was forced to resort to leggings, tights' less glamorous and frumpy cousin. I tried to convince myself that they were "more practical in the studio" but really I was just fed up with having to constantly do the "gusset almost around my knees" shuffle. On the plus side, it gave me an excuse to build up a cute collection of stockings for those occasions were leggings just wouldn't do, but stockings really aren't practical when doing the weekly shop or running to catch the last tube home. And heaven forbid you have a gust of wind attack your hem line - I've had moments in the middle of Camden and Brixton which would make Marilyn herself blush!

Enter Lida Tights, sartorial saviours of legs and curves. I was lucky enough to be given some black and nude tights to try out, and my legs have been strutting like they're stomping down a catwalk ever since!

The perfect nude tights for my Daria Halloween costume (post to follow).
Established in Poland over 20 years ago, Lida Tights design a wide range of tights and hosiery with lines specifically created for curves and plus sizes. They succeed where others have failed by adjusting to the needs of a fuller figure, with the larger sizes (2XL to 4XL) featuring double gussets in addition to a huge amount of stretch in key areas such as the thighs.

The perfect stay-put black tights for my outfit as a wedding guest (post to follow).
One other point to mention with  Lida Tights is their incredible durability. Between shooting a friend's wedding and DJing all night, neither pair laddered, bobbled or ripped. And having been washed and worn again since, they have maintained their shape and elasticity. Hurrah!

Although sadly you can't purchase their tights anywhere in stores, you can visit their website or Facebook and get in touch with them online. View their entire plus size range here and be prepared to ditch your leggings in favour of showing your legs off!

(I also want to stress that I haven't been paid to write this review, and indeed the tights were passed on via a third party and not from Lida Tights themselves. I genuinely was amazed by the incredible fit and wanted to share that in case other people have found similar issues with the fit of their hosiery.)

Until next time,
Diana xx

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