Harmless Sparks - My Favourite Sparkling Nail Varnish from Barry M.

As someone who is utterly useless with any sort of DIY nail art, I cannot get enough of glitter nail varnishes. Although I am happy to wear them all year round, I love the additional tinsel coloured ranges which always appear in the lead up to Christmas, with the Barry M range being my firm favourites this season. With both Boots and Superdrug offering three for two across their cosmetic ranges, I couldn't resist on giving my nails a festive make-over and picked up my three favourite shades to get me through the party season.

1. Royal Textured Glitter Collection in TNP 9 / Purple Countess (£3.99).
Royal Textured Glitter Collection in TNP 9 / Purple Countess (£3.99).
The Royal Textured Glitter Collection has five shades in their range, but Purple Countess really spoke to my inner drama queen. The purple base is more pigmented than what you would normally expect from a glitter varnish, with a firework display of purples, oranges and gold glitter competing to bring the most bling to your finger tips. This is one of those rare varnishes where you can throw two coats over a base coat and have some serious talon action going on, but I tend to wear it over a coat of black, aubergine or bordeaux reds. The glitter is fine but dense, offering a solid coverage of sparkle with a matte finish - perfect for all those Christmas parties on the horizon.

2. Royal Textured Glitter Collection in TNP 8 / Lady White Pearl (£3.99).
Royal Textured Glitter Collection in TNP 8 / Lady White Pearl (£3.99).
Lady White Pearl is another varnish from the The Royal Textured Glitter Collection and although I'm normally all about the vampy nails, it was love at first sight. Two coats of Lady by itself gives a shimmering white base with a fine but solid pearly glitter. When worn by itself, nails look like they're covered in a fine dusting of snow. However when put over a soft grey or white base, the varnish offers up a proper disco ball sparkle. Like the rest of the varnishes in the Royal Textured Glitter Collection, it dries matte and works great by itself or as an accompaniment to a coloured base coat.

3. Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in 355 / Gold Mine (£2.99).
Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in 355 / Gold Mine (£2.99).
Being a bit of a 90s grunger at heart, I do love a good black nail varnish, and the black jelly base to Gold Mine if the perfect mesh of rock and roll with glamour. It has a fine golden glitter running throughout which is easy to layer up with two coats or one over a coloured base. The jelly's high shine and super sparkly finish make this the perfect polish for those who want to feel festive whilst retaining some rock and roll chic.

All three of these nail polishes are available directly from Barry M as well as most large Boots and Superdrug stores.

(Note: This is an honest, impartial review after purchasing an item, and not one which I have been paid for.)

Until next time,
Diana xx

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