Picture This. (The Perfect Nude Lipstick!)

Anyone reading this who's met me in real life knows that I almost always wear red lipstick. My make-up bag contains a collection of sheer pinky-red lip crayons for day, dramatic matt blue-red lipsticks for night and all manner of red tinted beauties in-between. If I were ever to actually count the amount of red lipsticks I own, I am certain I would lose track very quickly!

Pretending to be a model on-set for London portrait photographer, Tom Perry. Roses by Pearls & Swine.
I think I began to realise just how out of hand my obsession had got when I turned up to a photoshoot where I was pretending to be a model for the day, and realised I had brought more red lipsticks than clothes!

I tend to attempt a style aesthetic reminiscent of sometime between the 40s and 50s - faux bangs, pin-curls and tea dresses are a big part of my daily dress-up. However I have struggled for years to pull off the more classical vintage day time look with a beautiful classic nude lip - being neither blonde nor Brigitte Bardot, everything I tried was far too dark and brown on my pink tinged pale skin. I looked washed out and zombiefied, or even worse - like I just hadn't bothered putting any make-up on at all!

L'oreal Collection Privee by Julianne Moore - the perfect nude for my pale skin and *cough* red hair.
Step forward the game changing range from L'oreal, with the Collection Privee containing a series of stunning nude shades designed specifically for a range of skin tones. The six shades are Doutzen Kroes (Barely Pink), Eva Longoria (Barely Golden), Cheryl (Barely Greige), Freida Pinto (Barely Parma), Liya Kebede (Barely Moka) and of course Julianne Moore (Barely Peach).

My goofy, happy face wearing L'oreal Collection Privee by Julianne Moore. Necklace by Tatty Devine and Roses by Pearls & Swine.
The Julianne variant from the Collection Privee range really shocked me when I first tried it out. I initially opened the tube and immediately saw what I thought was going to be a frosted pink nightmare, but it melted onto my lips into a soft, barely there peachy-pink offering a lovely pearl luminescence. I was utterly smitten, and so happy to have finally found the perfect nude which worked with my very pink toned pale skin.

Will it tempt me away from my reds? Never - but it has certainly given me a day time alternative where I can shoot in the studio or go to meetings and feel a little more Audrey than Bettie. It's always good to have lots of choices - even if 98% of them are variants of red!

(Note: This is an honest, impartial review after purchasing an item, and not one which I have been paid for.)

Until next time,
Diana xx

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