Get Karried Away - Karri Your Essentials In Your Phone's Back Pocket.

Working freelance means I don't ever leave the house without my diary or my business cards. You never know when or where you'll find your next new client so I always try to be prepared. I am a lady who loves her bags though, and as such, I'm forever moving stuff from one to the other. Sometimes things get missed and whilst no one cares about a pack of gum or that Twix you'd been saving, it can be very annoying having to scribble your number down on a bit of paper because your cards are stashed elsewhere.
With that incredibly 21st century problem in mind, Karri have come up with a fool proof solution - a pocket pouch designed to stick to the one thing we all always carry with us - our mobile phones!

Made from Spandex, it has adhesive back which simply presses onto your phone (or other chosen item) and stretches to accommodate items such as ear-bud headphones, keys, work passes, oyster cards, bank cards and more.

Karri Classic in Black - £6.99.
Because I'd decided I wanted one for the front of my diary, I choose the Karri Classic in black to match the cover.
The spandex magic allows me to squeeze in six cards which are in a handy position to give out when talking and taking notes. It looks smart and professional and means that I will have a selection of cards on me almost all of the time. They're not just useful for carrying cards in though - they serve as a great ear-bud tidier for headphones and are perfect for ensuring your Oyster and bank cards are with you at all times.

To find out more information, visit the Karri website at www.getkarri.com where you can find the handy adhesive pocket available in a whole range of colours.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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