Tales From The Studio - Shooting Portraits, Shouting F**K You To Cancer

It's been a while since I've blogged about my photography work as much as what I've been shooting is embargoed until next year. But a few weeks ago I had a session in my studio which was really important to me as it was with someone who I utterly adore and I've been looking forward to sharing these with you.

Earlier this year, one of my oldest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even now it seems utterly ridiculous, as she is the fittest, healthiest person I know. She was the person who got me through my 5k training, was the person who kept this slow-coach company during the Electric Run, and is still very much a massive health inspiration for me. She ran a half marathon a week after her diagnosis. How rock and roll can you get?

Cancer chose the wrong person to mess with. Half way through her chemo (you can read her blog here), the tumour has shrunk and it's Miranda 1 : Cancer 0. In true Miranda style, when her hair fell out as a side effect of her treatment, she looked like an utter rock star. Because she's not going to let some rogue mutant cells take over her identity, we decided to do a f**k you cancer photoshoot together.

Be warned, there are breasts ahead so the images may de deemed NSFW.

When we were brainstorming, the three biggest influences were Skin from Skunk Anansie, Grace Jones and the beautiful Lupita Nyong'o. We wanted to bring out Miranda's rock and roll rebel side, but also shoot some editorial worthy images which showed off her beauty.

We wanted to keep the images both raw and real, leaving in everything which makes Miranda, Miranda. One of the interesting things was that the photos showed how the affected breast had changed in size, with the nipple changing direction - something which I never knew happened and is another warning sign to look out for when you check yourself.

I cannot put into words how much I love this lady, and if you want to follow her continuing to kick cancer's bum, her blog Black Chick Tit Cancer can be found here. This also seems like a good place to link to how you check your breasts - I don't think Miranda would forgive me if I didn't sneak that in!

Until next time,

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