Go-Go Boots - The Perfect Ankle Boots from Daxon

A little while ago, I inherited a brand new pair of Daxon ankle boots from one of my lovely friends. Sadly for her they weren't quite the right fit, but since taking them, they've pretty much been my go to footwear for the whole of Autumn and Winter.

I'd photographed them back in October but never had the chance to blog about them, but having noticed that Daxon currently have a similar pair where the strap is a mock croc skin, I thought now was the time.

First off, they are the comfiest boots I have ever owned. The tiny heel makes them still count as flats, but without giving you that ballet flat ache a few hours into wearing them. They're also easy to slip in and out of, with an inside zip and elasticated panel. Once you adjust the outside buckle to the perfect fit for your foot width, you won't have to touch it again!

The boots have also turned out to be really durable - they've taken the mud of Hampstead Heath and the cobbles of the countryside with the soles still going strong!

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