Spring Fling - A Sunshine Ready Dress from Collectif

London is pretty cold and blustery at the moment - lots of rain, wind and grey skies, with the odd flash of blue in between. I actually love the rain, but sometimes you need a burst of colour to lift you up so I've found myself currently gravitating towards spring colour palettes and floral prints.

Collectif are probably my favourite vintage repro brand, with a huge range of styles and fabrics. Their sales are the stuff of legend, and I managed to snap up this lovely floral sun dress for half it's original price. I was so glad I did, as I can't find anything in this shape or fabric currently on the website and I'm utterly in love with it.

Dress: Collectif
Bolero: George
Leggings: M&S
Lilac Flower: Pearls & Swine
Pink Roller Necklace: Pip Jolley

Print aside, I adore the cut of the dress. The back has an elasticated panel which meant I could size down so the dress fit my waist rather than my chest and is a size smaller than what I would buy my usual Dolores style in.

It's the perfect sun dress, and one which will see lots of action once London gets a little warmer. In the meanwhile, I'll be using layers to get as much use out of it as possible as it's currently one of the most cheerful prints in my wardrobe!

Until next time,

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  1. YOU LOOK AMAZING!! Your make up is lovely and so is that outfit. I also love your poses. I always tend to do the same poses time and time again.



    1. Aww, thank you so much for the lovely comments Georgie! :) xox

  2. I love this dress on you!!! The print is so vibrant ... it matches your smile so well!

    C xx

    1. Thank you so much Charlie! :) Your comments always make me smile! :) xox


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