Party Like It's 2015

It's Sunday night, and I am currently writing this in my penguin pyjamas. Lord Dicely has insisted that the Christmas tree remains up until the twelfth day, and despite looking forward to my auto out-of-office response deactivating tomorrow, I still feel happy and cosy in my festive cocoon.

There is a huge part of me which is clambering to get back to work, and I've already found myself doing little bits and pieces of admin over the last few days. But Christmas and New Year have been so lovely, I don't feel quite ready to pack this silly, happy feeling away. And I'm certainly not ready to let go of my favourite Christmas outfits!
Dress from Collectif, leggings and cardigan from Primark, Robin hair clip handmade from a Christmas decoration.

Swallow necklace from Baku Forest Studios.

Cardigan from Primark, flowers from Pearls & Swine and a vintage dress for Christmas Day.

Nails are Tate (red base) and Graffiti (glitter) both by Nails Inc. The perfect, festive tinsel! (Thanks Susie!)

Christmas and New Year were both lovely and laid back. Christmas was spent amongst family in the countryside, whilst New Year was an evening of boozy silliness and a stunning view of the London fireworks from Parliament Hill Fields.

I've always been fairly ambivalent about celebrating the new year in a huge way, but it felt like 2015 was a finish line to a difficult race myself and my friends were all keen to get to end of. Standing in the cold armed with rum and some of my favourite people was cathartic in a way even I didn't expect. It felt very poignant seeing 2014 off and strolling back home arm in arm with some of the people who make my life feel so lovely. 

Resolutions aren't something I believe in as I feel they are too easy to forget. However I always make a handful of aims to add as a guide for the new year so that there is something to push for. This year included working on my exhibition, doing more artistic collaborations and staying on top of my 5k training. The way I see it, if I can stay both creative and healthy, that should automatically lead to a certain level of happiness. I'm also aiming to be nicer to myself, especially when it comes to my workload. I've had a few health setbacks in 2014, luckily nothing awful but things which have left me feeling tired and listless. As such, it feels like 2014 was a year of setting things up rather than moving forward, but it's important for me to remember that those things ARE set up - and 2015 is the year to take action.

Now that we're a few days in and the festive fog is starting to clear, I can see what my goals are and fully intend to hit them. It's exciting - this year feels so separated from the last already, and I feel like I'm about to embark on the final and most exciting chapter of a book. Hopefully one which has a happy ending, and will be the first of a very long series. I'm ready for you, 2015! Happy new year!

Until next time,

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time off! I love those primark leggings and I now wish I had hungry hippos so I could play it now lol!!

    1. Hehe, thank you Lucy! :) I'm obsessed with penguins so literally squeaked with happiness when I saw them! Hungry Hippos was such a throwback to our childhood - we'd brought it for Howard's nephew for Christmas and it had been sat in our living room for months. The temptation was almost impossible! We were so happy when we finally got to play it! ;)


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