Ballard Of Easy Rider - The Perfect Autumn Biker Jacket from HM+

For years I've been after the perfect biker jacket. I wanted something which made me feel like a 1950s rebel, part James Dean, part Frenchie from Grease. But alas, there was something which wasn't quite right, either looking far too big or feeling far too tight. I was beginning to fear that I just didn't have the right shape for a biker jacket, and had all but given up. With wide shoulders and big boobs, I'd always end up with too much room on my waist for it to zip up comfortably, and would just look a bit saggy... But then on a whim, I tried this beauty from H&M+, and after sizing up, it's slightly cropped dimensions fit like a dream.

The jacket has all the hallmarks of a traditional biker shape - the collar, zipped cuffs and zipped pockets. It also entails the delightful squeak which fake leather often has, but I'll forgive sounding like a rustling mouse for the perfect cut and shape of it. It even hits my high sitting waist perfectly!

Biker Jacket: H&M.
Dress: H&M (review here).
Tights: Primark.
Leaf Hair Clip: Tatty Devine.

I like that it's one of those clothing items which looks good with everything. I don't have to think what I'm wearing it with, and whether I'm walking through the park or going out on a date, it's just so easy to wear.

Now for my next mission - to find cute heels which I can walk in!

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  1. I absolutely love this jacket on you and you look amazing. :) I've been looking for a cropped leather jacket for some time so this fits the bill perfectly. :) xx


    1. Aww, thank you darling - you've just made my day! :) x

    2. I'm glad I made you happy. :) I can't seem to find the jacket online though, isn't it there or an I just being completely blind? :) xx

    3. Here you go! It's gone into their sale section. :) xox

  2. It is just perfect, I may as a fellow high waisted girl have to try this x

  3. That jacket is amazing! Would look great dressed up or down, a lovely dress or a Tshirt and jeans. I've never tried H&M before, so this tempts me!!

    1. Thanks Tanya! :) H&M have really upped their game recently - so many pretty prints and good cuts!


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