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If you're tall, big hipped, full stomached or in any way dare to have any sort of curve to your body, you'll know the sad shuffle caused by ill fitting tights. Whether rolling down, digging in or simply laddering the second you put them on because you've yanked too hard to get them where they should be, they are the bane of your wardrobe once Autumn hits. Thankfully The Big Tights Company have put an end to this madness, by selling a large range of stocking and tights which go all the way up to a UK 42.

One of my favourite things about the The Big Tights Company is that they offer samples of some of their tights for just £1 to ensure you get the perfect fit. With their products being at the higher end of the market, it's wonderful that you can road test them first - as once you've worked out your ideal size, they are worth the investment as they are designed to last and are incredibly ladder resistant.

I road-tested a trio of their most Winter resistant sellers, and put them through their paces. Beware, there are big boobs and granny pants ahead to really show you how the tights fit under your clothing!

All Woman 60 Denier Opaques.
All Woman 60 Denier Opaques - £12.95 – £34.95 for a multipack.

All Woman 60 Denier Opaques - £12.95 – £34.95 for a multipack.
The All Woman 60 Denier Opaques are perfect for everyday usage. Designed to be stretchy, ladder resistant and incredibly comfy, these tights are an absolute dream. Possibly the largest option for opaque tights currently on the market, they are designed to fit up to 60" hips, with a size guide of a UK 22 - 32.

All Woman 180 Denier Opaques.
All Woman 180 Denier Opaques - £18.95 – £49 for a multipack.

All Woman 180 Denier Opaques - £18.95 – £49 for a multipack.
Like the 60 denier option, the All Woman 180 Denier Opaques are designed to fit a UK 22 - 32. However their sizes are a little bigger, with some designed to fit hips up to 90" and are extra long in the leg, and extra wide in the thigh. At 5'6" they are the perfect length for me (with lots of material available for longer limbs), but would probably be too long in the leg for anyone 5'3" inches or shorter. But as someone with average length pins and a high waist, the fit was great! They come in two size options, a UK 22 - 32, and 32 - 42.

All Woman Cotton (Woolly Feel) Tights.
All Woman Woolly Cotton Feel Tights - £19.95 – £54.95 for a multipack.

All Woman Woolly Cotton Feel Tights - £19.95 – £54.95 for a multipack.
The final pair I tried were my favourite - the All Women Woolly Cotton Feel Tights. They are the ones I'm wearing in the very top photos and are as soft and cosy as they are stretchy. I love woolly tights - I have done ever since I was a child. But it's so difficult to get them in larger sizes, and I had found myself wearing knee highs over black opaques as a plus size alternative. But it's not quite the same aesthetic, so I was over the moon when these turned up and fitted so perfectly.

They are a bit bigger than the previous two, designed to fit a UK 24 - 34 with 64" hips. The tights are very true to size, so unless you are super tall, they will be a bit baggy if you wear a smaller dress size. I've found that you can even tuck them into your bra if they feel too big. I know, I know, my boyfriend is a lucky man! But hey, my back and boobs are toasty warm, so I think I'm the real winner here!

You can shop the whole collection online here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

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  1. Omg I never knew they sold samples. This is handy because I really want to invest in some of their tights. I loveeee how big they come up on the waist haha xx

  2. Im always looking for tights since most of them lader under my bum. Will have to look into this :)

    Umber x

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