Shake A Leg - Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights from UK Tights

True fact; when Shakespeare wrote the words "Now is the Winter of our discontent", he was 100% talking about hosiery. I think we can all agree that tights which pinch, only come half way up your thigh or constantly make you fear your gusset has fallen to below your knees deserve to be thrown out onto a giant bonfire, and suffer in polyester hell. Yet we put ourselves through it time and time again, recognising that unsubtle trying-to-pull-your-tights-up shuffle after you've run for the bus.

Thankfully we no longer have to put up with this ill fitting nonsense. More and more, tights are stepping away from their S - XL offerings, and instead coming up with a larger range to accommodate all shapes and sizes whether it's for longer legs or bigger hips. And as the biggest hosiery store on Earth, UK Tights have an incredibly diverse range of brands, sizes, colours and patterns available through their website.

Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights in Red Orchid from UK Tights.
UK Tights were kind enough to let me choose a pair for review, and I wanted to try out the Cette Dublin brand as I loved the huge range of colours. I choose two shades -  a lovely berry choice called Red Orchid and Nearly Black, a more everyday dark grey.

Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights in Nearly Black from UK Tights.
The range goes up to a 62" hip (which roughly translates as a UK 30), and if you find yourself falling towards the latter end of your size band, size up. I was right on the cusp, and sizing up made for a much comfier fit.

Cette Dublin Plus Size Tights in Nearly Black and Red Orchid from UK Tights.
As I started to pull them up, there was an anxiety riddled moment where I was convinced they were going to be too small and not go past my thigh. I think that was partly because I'm used to tights which are way too big or way too small, and it was with great relief that I continued to pull them up slowly,  over my hips until the top sat just under my bra. Whilst not the sexiest look in the world, this is exactly where I like my tights to hit - with a high waist, it feels comfy and means that they are less likely to roll down or sag.

The tights themselves are 60 denier with a satin finish and are priced at £13.99. Whilst this may sound expensive, they are designed to last and are incredibly resilient. They are also the best fitting tights I've ever tried - not too big, not too small, just happily staying exactly where they need to be.
Cette Dublin Size and Colour Chart from UK Tights. 
If you want to have a look at the entire plus size range of UK tights, you can find them here.

Until next time,

Diana xx

* Item sent for review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Replies
    1. They are such a good fit too! :) It's nice to have options in the colours! x

  2. I really love it in red! Would be so lovely and festive :)

    Umber x

    1. I've got the perfect red dress which I'll be wearing with them come Christmas day. ;) x

  3. Thanks for your honest opinion! As you say, hosiery manufacturers are moving to large sizes (finally!!) and we can see more creativity in plus size hosiery. We're glad you share our views about the price-fitting relationship. We always explain it as shoes... sometimes you have to pay a little more than you'd want to get that extra comfort. And, sometimes, that ultimate comfort is what makes you wear a pair of shoes day after day.

    Thanks again! :)


    Marta. UK Tights team

    1. Thank you so much for sending them for me to test - they really are amazing and so, so comfortable! :) x

  4. At last! I have so many problems with tights. I too like mine pulled up high, but find being both fat & talk I can never find any that fit. I will definitely be getting these in all colours.



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