Accentuating Your Body Shape - A Post By Beth Kendler

It’s no secret that we’ve all got extremely different bodies. In fact, no two people are built exactly the same! Even when fashion magazines show us images of models that all seem to look alike body-wise, we know by now that these images are not true reflections. They are altered with editing tools, clever photography, and a variety of other different factors.

Since we know our bodies vary from person to person, it’s hard to create a set list of style tips to fit a general public. Because, truthfully, the same tips just don’t apply for every woman! Not only do you need to take your body type into consideration, but style also depends on your personal preference, your colour palette, and your overall fashion identity. Since the latter factors are up to women as individuals, I’d like to focus today on something we can all use with a cheat sheet that touches on a few common body types that require different methods of styling.
Simply find your body type below and check out the tips associated. Hopefully you’ll find a useful dressing technique you haven’t tried before!

Body Type: Apple
Description: Your widest measurement is your tummy
What to Wear: Apple-shaped gals look great in shift dresses, because they offer tapering without too much annoying cling. A shift dress also shows off your great legs, which is a common asset for Apple shapes. Pair with flats that have an extra inch or so of height to modestly lengthen your legs even more. WhoWhatWear suggests that you hem your dress to show off your legs.

Body Type: Busty
Description: Your largest measurement is across the chest
What to Wear: The V-neck top should be a staple in your wardrobe. The cut doesn’t choke you, and it does must more justice for your bust. When purchasing online, consider checking out the way tops look on similar-shaped models such as those on WomanWithin. It can be dangerous to purchase a top that dips too low, but overall, a small V can elongate your neckline elegantly.

Body Type: Hourglass
Description: Your bust and hips are equal in width
What to Wear: Your curvy figure looks best with garments that show off your waistline, further accentuating your silhouette. InStyle advises to “cinch dresses, jackets and sweaters at the waist,” and to “avoid low-rise jeans” because they’re not designed to fit your body properly. Instead, try mid-rise that won’t gape in the back.

Body Type: Pear
Description: Your bottom half is more prominent than the top
What to Wear: An A-line dress will flatter your figure flawlessly. Because of the fitted top portion, your dainty shape is highlighted. A fuller skirt on bottom creates a flirtatious twirl effect. SheKnows says the pear shape is the most common for women, so it’s likely there are a lot of garments out there that will work well for you.

No matter which body type you identify with, there are all kinds of styles out there meant to work with you, not against you. You just need to know what to look for!

Post written by Beth Kendler, a writer based out of Orlando, Fla. who loves covering all things related to fashion. In her downtime, she enjoys relaxing by the shore, diving into a good book, and looking for new artists on Spotify.

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