Santa, Baby - A Late Secret Santa Gift From Gemporia

Way, way back in early December when the thought of Christmas was still merrily dancing towards us, the lovely people at Gemporia got in touch to see if I would be interested in partaking in a secret santa with them. Of course I jumped at the chance - who wouldn't want to receive some mystery jewellery in the post - and get sent the name of another blogger who I would be teamed up to swap with.

I found out that my secret santa buddy was Lilla of Lilla Loves. After stalking her blog and Instagram for ages, I decided on a pretty Smokey Quartz ring for her as I really loved the cut of it and it seemed to fit with her style aesthetic. Sadly I had left London early for Christmas so missed the delivery of mine, and only received it a few days ago. But they do say that good things come to those who wait, and it was rather lovely coming home to wonderful gift in the new year.

For me, Lilla had chosen a pair of silver and black spinel cuff earrings. When I opened them up, I thought they were pretty but definitely not something I would have chose for myself. But as soon as I put them on, I loved them -  they spoke to both my vintage loving and rock and roll sensibilities and were pretty much the perfect pick!

I loved the design - the bottom clips on like a normal stud earring, with a small cuff at the top which you pinch in to stay in place. I'll definitely be rocking these whenever I wear my hair up as they really are so eye catching!

If you want to see more from Gemporia, check out their exclusive collection here!

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  1. I love the look of this cuff it's definitely eyecatching, and what a great idea to do a secret santa along with a brand!

    Lottie xx

    1. It's so cute - not the sort of thing I would have even given a second glance to if shopping, but I absolutely love it so totally lucked out! :)


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