Smells Like Teen Spirit - 90s Vibes From H&M

When I saw this top in Camden's dedicated Divided by H&M store, it was as if I were seeing my teenage years illustrated right before my eyes. I found myself holding onto it, wandering around the store with it, "just to see". I totally wasn't going to buy it.  That was stupid. Stupid. I'm 34 years old with a wardrobe filled with frou frou vintage and photo studio practical. But I held onto it. Clutched it to my beating heart, and then put it back on the rail and sadly walked out.

That was, I walked out for all of 20 minutes. I meet Lord Dicely for a coffee, and began to describe the sweater to him. The cat prints. The heart shaped rain drops. How it was as if someone had mapped my teenage brain and sent it off to some clever illustrator to interpret. "Why don't you go back and get it?" came his simple question. Why not indeed? What was it that was stopping me? Was it just TOO awesome?

Trying something different is more often than not a good thing. I don't think I'd realised that I had a sweater hang-up - apparently this is a thing in my brain. I loved the print, loved the fabric, but just figured with my boobs and hips, it'd look stupid and frumpy. I picked up a size L rather than an XL to make it tighter, and in the changing room, found that it seemed to hit in all right places. Most surprising were the cuffs which are weirdly an on-going problem for me with cardigans and jumpers. And do you know what? I freakin' loved it! Best ugly 90s print sweater ever!

Whilst it's never going to be a part of my a-game wardrobe, it's something cute, fun and comfy for those off duty days hanging out on the sofa. I teamed it here with a pair of trusty ASOS jeans, and a cute necklace from Little Gnashers, and over the past few weeks, it's done a great job keeping me warm and masquerading as a cute pyjama top at London's coldest. I think it would have gone into the "What if?" shopping basket in consumer heaven had my boyfriend not told me in a nice way to stop being stupid. And I'm so glad it didn't - sometimes a garment, cute or not just makes you happy, and surely that is reason enough to say yes if you can.

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  1. Ooh this jumper is so cute! I love the print and I think it looks gorgeous on you, it was definitely the right decision to go for the L as it fits in all the right places! I haven't had any luck in getting pieces from H&M lately, but I really enjoy their designs. xx

    1. Thank you love - I've never found something which is completely me and not me at the same time! ;) x

  2. Oh I saw this in H&M last weekend and fell in love with it too! Lincoln only had a medium in though :(

    1. Oh no! I have my fingers crossed that you find one. x


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