A Match(stick) Made In Heaven - Cute Prints From Modcloth

Gosh, it was so long ago that I took these photos, I can't believe they're only now just going up on the blog! Even my hair is a different colour! This beautiful dress from online American retailer Modcloth was a surprise Christmas present from my wonderful friend, Chattermonkey. We both share a love of all things mustard-yellow, so I pretty much squeaked with happiness when tearing off the paper come Christmas day.

The dress is one of those easy to wear numbers - cute, comfy and easy to co-ordinate, the holy trinity of all fashion purchases. Print aside, I absolutely love that it has pockets. I will never understand why more items of clothing don't come with places to store stuff, so was utterly thrilled to find somewhere to keep my hands, my SD cards and occasionally, a packet of Jelly Belly jelly beans. I'm not even joking...

Because I love dinosaurs as much as I love mustard hues, I teamed the dress with a Tea-Rex necklace from Cherryloco Jewellery via Etsy. I'd brought this months ago as a birthday present to myself, and need to wear it more frequently for sure. It combines my adoration of both tea and dinosaurs so perfectly, and has proven to be a real conversation starter.

Seeing these photos have made me really miss the dark pink hair. At the moment, the ends are more of a bubblegum pastel pink, and I was contemplating going a much darker purple next, But this has made me reconsider. I'm so indecisive with my hair which is why I love using semi-permanent shades which fade out with ease, and have no idea where to go next. Currently I have a stock of blues, greens and purples, but maybe I'll plump for pink just one more time... Who knows, with hair colour maths a real thing when mixing current shades with new shades, it could end up as anything!

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  1. Oh that yellow is lovely on you, and that dinosaur is so cute! I've never owned anything from Modcloth, one day!

    1. I love Modcloth so much - I've been lucky that everything I've picked up from them has been via eBay and blog sales so there is hope! ;) x

  2. I've been lusting after Modcloth dresses for the longest time and you've really cemented how fantastic they look and invigorated my fashion lust! Beautiful photos and styling as well! x0

    1. Thank you so much! If you're not already a member, there are lots of plus size selling groups on Facebook, and that's how most of mine have ended up in my wardrobe. :) x


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