Pattern Recognition - Monochrome Dressing with H&M

It's so great when you find a dress which fits your shape and makes you feel fantastic. I'm always so worried about things being tight across my chest, so loved the stretch in this monochrome jersey dress from H&M - an item which I know already is going to be a staple as we wade through this transitional "spring weather".

At £24.99, I initially felt like it was an expensive purchase for a jersey dress and was pretty sure it'd go straight back. The second I tried it on though, it was love at first sight with the fabric and cut of it being spot on. The bell shaped skirt and wider neckline made the dress feel like the big sister of the skater dress, with the black and white print so easy to throw accessories at.

I initially teamed with it leggings from H&M+ and a pair of fabric plimsolls which are sadly no longer available online. However with the weather how it is at the moment, I've found myself wearing it with black tights, ankle boots and a black cardigan a whole lot. It's one of those feel good without thinking too much outfits, which is worth the price tag in itself! If I have an early start, I can just throw it on and not have to worry.

I think when a brand offers a plus size collection, it's very easy to forget that their main line exists but a large part of my wardrobe consists of items in X and XL from H&M. If you're a size 20, 22 or even a 24 with stretch fabrics, it's definitely work checking them out from time. Often they will have gems in their main and basics line such as this, with their cardigans and leggings washing really well.

The dress is currently available here, and the leggings here.

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  1. This fits you so nicely lady. Really well cut! Alas, I'm just not a fan of Aztec print and it seems to be everywhere at the moment.

    1. I'm really hoping that they bring the same shape out in different colours and prints as I would buy EVERYTHING!

  2. I've found with H&M that their dresses and tops fit fine but their trousers are ridiculously sized small. that dress looks amazing, I love the print!

    1. Thank you! :) It's so funny that you should say that as I brought a pair of trousers from their plus line just a few days ago. A friend advised to size up by two sizes, but as they were stretchy, I did just the one and could only just get the zip up! So odd!


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