Strange Galaxies - Bypassing Lights Ring by Labradorite Magic

When this beautiful Labradorite Magic ring arrived in the post, I actually gasped because of how stunning it is. Labradorite is such a pretty mineral, with a huge array of colours shimmering from it's centre. It's like wearing a tiny universe on your finger, and instantly became one of my favourite items in my jewellery box the second I slipped it on.

When talking about the Bypassing Lights Ring ($49), the website explains how it "is like parading the Northern Lights in your hands." It's the perfect description, and for this sky obsessed nerd, is also the perfect ring.

The ring itself is a sterling silver bypass shape, with tiny silver pollen pieces hinting at a flower being in bloom. Two round, Labradorite gems sit on each end, giving off strong Aurora Borealis in a snow globe vibes.

There are so many colours reflected in the gem, with strong blue and amber hues really capturing the night sky. It is such a timeless piece, both classic and stylised at the same time. In addition to the rings, Labradorite Magic also have a whole range of other jewellery and you can view the whole collection here.

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  1. that is really pretty! Labradorite is so lovely and matches all sorts of different colours

    1. It's definitely one of my favourite gems! :) It just goes with everything!

  2. Wow that ring is beautiful! I love how chunky the actual ring itself is. Labradorite always makes me think of animal eyeballs. (As that a bit weird?!) Anyhoo, beautiful!
    Sam x

    1. Ohhh! No, I can totally see it now that you've said it! :) x


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