The New F Word - A Short Film from JD Williams

On the evening prior to Fashion Week hitting the streets of London, online retailer JD Williams took over the Soho House screening suite to showcase a brand new short film called The New F Word. This comes after the success of their AW16 50 Plus Fashion Week runway show last year - an event which was as inspirational as it was groundbreaking.

The New F Word features an emerging trend amongst older women who are proving that age has absolutely no limits. The eight women in the short each share how their life has changed for the better, with a more fearless look on life with age being a celebration, not something to hide away from.

From a 55 year old fire fighter to an 83 year old sky diver, the movie was a fascinating insight into how the over 50s are now bigger risk takers than their younger counterparts. A poll carried out by JD WIlliams spoke with 2000 women, with the older generations coming out on top as being independent, brave and looking to take greater risks and new challenges.

(c) JD Williams / ZPR

(c) JD Williams / ZPR

The women are:

  • Dilys Price, 83, World’s Oldest Skydiver 
  • Jessie Power, 101, Britain’s Oldest Fashion Designer
  • Sian Griffiths, 55, One of only five female Firefighters in the 80s
  • Evon Brennan, 56, began modelling in her 50s
  • Bridget Sojourner, 78, Style Icon 
  • Joyce, 78, and Adrienne, 73, took up motorcycling in their 70s
  • Naomi Gryn, 55, had a baby at 51
  • Susan Kennedy, 51, overcame Breast Cancer and celebrated with a tattoo to mark her 50th
  • Angela Spindler, 54, CEO of N Brown Group PLC
It was such an inspirational film to watch, and one of the comments made was how these women, whilst unique in their own ways, were not unique to the 50 plus generation. More and more women are living these bold, incredible lives rather than disappearing into retirement.

It really made me think of my beautiful mother in law, who for her 70th birthday decided to throw herself out of an airplane for charity. Putting aside the fact that she doesn't look a day over 50, her retirement years are filled with travel, the theatre, gardening, Pilates, French classes and so much more. She puts my social life to shame, and we just can't keep up with her!

Give the video a watch, as if nothing else, it'll make you feel so happy and inspired. 

Until next time,

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  1. What a beautiful and inspiring film. Such gorgeous women, full of life. They shame me at 32! But I would have liked to see some plus size women among them, esp as this is JD Williams.

    1. It really made me feel like I should be making more of my life - they were just extraordinary to listen to! :)


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