You Are The Wind Beneath My Wingz - Black Chiffon Flare Sleeves from Wingz

For those of you who've not come across the genius that is Wingz before, let me catch you up. They are a selection of clever sleeves designed to fit under any sleeveless top or dress, which give the existing garments hanging in your wardrobe a brand new twist.

Whether you're looking for something floaty, lacy or with a bold print, there are a whole range of styles in the shop for you to choose from. As I own a lot of LBDs, I decided to go for the Black Chiffon Flare Wingz*, and paired them underneath my Yoona Balloon Pocket Dress from Navabi (see review here).

It instantly turned the dress into a classic summer goth dream, with the Wingz being perfect to stop shoulders and arms burning whilst not making you sweat.

The product itself is so easy to wear, and my worries about it feeling like an extra layer were completely unfounded. It simply fits underneath your bust line, so is nothing like that early 21st century trend when we were all putting long sleeve tops underneath regular t-shirts! It also runs up to a UK size 28, with their range even including a selection of bridal options.

Video (c) Wingz

It's such a clever idea, and I love how they make my wardrobe much more versatile. I'll definitely be investing in some of the heavier ones as we get closer to the autumn, to make my summer dresses last a little bit longer!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

* Items kindly sent for review.
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  1. I have tried Wingz several times and have several pairs of them. They are great for layering under sleeveless dresses and tops. Especially at work or similar where sleeves might be preferred. You look so cute and the flowy sleeves are super cute!!

  2. You look fantastic wearing your wingz! I have a black jersey pair but thse chiffon ones would be great for the summer! Xx


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