The White Stripes - Oversize Cold Shoulder Dress from Monki

I knew I had to get my hands on this Oversize Cold Shoulder Dress from Monki after seeing it on the beautiful Love Leah. I had real life cartoon heart eyes after looking at her photo, and although the dress doesn't look quite as good on me as it does her, it's become my go to hot weather dress when shooting or lazing about.

We are so frequently conditioned to wear things which are "flattering", but as I've got older I've subscribed more and more to just wearing what makes you happy. I tend to dress in a lot of skater, high waisted and vintage repro styles because they emphasise my waist and skim my hips, but sometimes when shooting or when dealing with sticky London summer temperatures, something flowing and loose is just the ticket.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this Monki dress features a cute take on the cold shoulder trend, with two ties on each arm allowing you to choose how much skin you want to show. It also has pockets - real life pockets - and you know how much of a sucker I am for those! For me, it's the perfect dress for shooting in as it's light, airy and has places for me to keep stuff close to hand. It's also wonderful for those hot, balmy days when you want something cute and light to just throw on.

Whilst Monki doesn't have a dedicated plus size range, their oversize items have become the stuff of legend amongst plus size fashion bloggers. Many of their items go up to a XL which their size chart rates as a UK 22, but I'm wearing an L in this oversized dress - and clearly I'm not an 18 / 20! It can be hit and miss, but it's worth popping into one of their stores and having a try on session if you're lucky enough to live near one.

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  1. Still never bought anything from Monki. But this does look so incredibly cool I wish I had it on right now!

    1. Honestly, I cannot recommend them enough! I just wish they'd put together a proper plus size line! x

  2. Very cute dress. Love the silver sandals too.


  3. Love this - the stripes are so cute!

    C x

    1. Thanks darling - I've become such a huge convert to Monki! :) xx


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