Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - An Essential Checklist For Stepping Into Autumn

So, full disclosure - I love autumn. It's my favourite season, filled with stunning colours, beautiful scents and wonderful, cosy clothing. I was probably in the minority when I reacted with heart eyes at the prospect of a rain heavy August, but if nothing else it's made me bump this post up by about a month. Whilst autumn isn't quite here in it's official capacity, certainly the weather is about to turn so I thought I'd put together a guide to some essentials to help see it through.

First up is the perfect pair of ankle boots. Whether doing hot chocolate runs or jumping around in a pile of leaves, these Wide Fit Leather Wedge Ruched Ankle Boots (£59) from Marks & Spencer will keep your feet dry and comfortable. Available in a choice of black or brown, the boots have an underfoot padding and durable soles to keep your feet pain free. Whether worn with a dress or your favourite pair of jeans, you can't beat this classic style.

Layers are another essential as we deal with the endless weather possibilities which the autumn brings. Being able to strip off your cardigan because you're soaked or because it's too warm is great, and I'm a huge fan of slouchy oversized versions like this cardigan (£19.99) from H&M. It's such an easy item to throw over a pair of jeans like these Curves Distressed Skinny Shaper Jeans (£34.99) from New Look Curves which also tuck easily into a pair of boots.

A good coat also can't be beat, whether you're looking for something casual such as this hooded parka (£59) from Simply Be or this classic skater mac (£55) from ASOS Curve. I always see a coat as being an investment piece, with the right style often becoming timeless and relied on for many years.

Perhaps the most important autumn requirement is a trusty windproof umbrella which won't let you down when the weather is whipping up a storm. Fulton Umbrellas have a huge range of fun and fashionable styles which offer a spot of brightness when the nights draw in, and if they're (literally!) good enough for the Queen, recommendations don't come much higher!

With the weather change, my final suggestion is one for the skin. I suffer from quite dry, sensitive skin which freaks out at the slightest hint of a seasonal change and over the last few years, I have found Astral to be a life saver. It's a bit of a granny's secret, comes in a giant pot and seems to last forever. I use it as a night cream, especially after removing make-up, but once the colder weather hits in I'll work it into my day routine whenever my face needs a little TLC. It can't really be worn under make-up as it pretty much disintegrates it, but if you need something to give even the most sensitive, dry skin a boost, this is your dream product. I always keep their tube version in my handbag as it's great for hands too, and I've even used it on dry patches on my body when in a pinch.

Are you as excited for autumn as I am? Don't forget to let me know your favourite tips in the comments below.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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