Bringing Specsy Back - Festive Frames with Vision Express

For such a long time, I've needed to get a new pair of glasses. I don't wear them very often, and am a bit rubbish at remembering to put them on. My previous frames only had an anti-glare coating to help protect my eyes when spending hours editing photos, but I'd noticed them getting tired quicker, to the point where they were becoming dry and sore. Being a photographer, my eyes are so important to I was almost too scared to book an appointment for fear of what I'd be told - but when Vision Express invited me to pop along to their Festive Frames event, I was put at ease and felt like my eyes were in safe hands.

Both me and my peepers were put through a style overhaul, firstly with a team of optical magicians who tested my eye health, and then with celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard who gave me advice on choosing frames. And then to feel totally spoilt, it was into make-up to get my eyes looking superglam before being photographed looking absolutely frilled with my chosen glasses.

It turned out that the reason my eyes had been getting sore was because one was near sighted and the other far, so they had been working hard to try and balance each other out. The eyes themselves were thankfully in very good health apart from that, and I was advised to go with an anti-glare coating rather than a UV one so that it didn't alter the colours in from of me when editing. All of the staff were amazing, very helpful at answering my questions and concerns and literally couldn't do enough to make me feel at ease. Everything was explained before it happened at each step, and it just made me kick myself that I'd put the appointment off for so long! (If you want to find out more about the testing process, click here.)

Image (c) Vision Express
In the end, the pair of glasses which I chose were these stunning Red Heritage Glasses. I felt like I was living my best life as Velma Dinkley, and adored the dark red shade which would go with all the mustard, black and berry tones I wear. I also completely fell in love with the full rimmed vintage style cat eye shape - it's such a classic and I felt it really fit in with my day to day wardrobe without feeling like a costume prop.

If you want to get your own eyes road tested before Christmas kicks in, Vision Express are currently offering a free eye test when booked online right up until the 26th November. And with a huge range of glasses from just £39, there's lots of choice available if you feel like treating yourself ahead of the festive fun!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. You look fab in glasses & you have reminded me that I need to get my eyes tested!


    1. Thank you! At the moment, Vision Express are doing free eye tests if you book online. :) xox

  2. These frames look great on you Di! The warm wine colour really makes the colour of your eyes pop and is perfect for the winter season. Great post hun x


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