Wiggle In Your Walk - Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous

You know that feeling when you're SO excited for a dress to arrive? The Gumdrop Gingham Ursula Dress from Lady Voluptuous had me dreaming of cake filled picnics and long sunny evenings and I couldn't wait to pull it on the second it was delivered. I'm a huge fan of the Lady Voluptuous range, but this was my first time with one of their wiggle dresses and well, it was a revelation.

I'm a fairly confident person with how I look, but it's only been in the last few years that I've become a bit more relaxed about having an on display VBO (visible belly outline). I've always thought they looked pretty cute on other people, but would either opt for shapewear or something more skimming to avoid mine. But as I've got older, I've began to care less about it. If anything, I've begun to embrace it with a love for body clinging shapes and styles.

This dress is an actual in real life dream to wear. Available up to a UK size 32, the gingham design is adorable but it's the Ursula wrap neckline which really gives the style some bite. The top is combined with a fitted pencil style skirt below and a concealed zip to the back whilst the fabric is incredibly sturdy.

Now all I need is some sunny skies and a picnic blanket, and I'm set to go! And with spring hanging in the air, it feels like the summer dream isn't all that far away.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. Gorgeous dress. I love the colours. You look fantastic in it.


  2. This is my favourite outfit I’ve seen on you so far! Love the colours, the pattern and the cut :) x

  3. I have several of the Ursulas and they are amazing!! I love how this purple suits you so much, and it truly is such a great spring look. I need to get myself one of these! xx


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