Storm In A Tea Pot - G&Tea Cocktail Set from Red Candy

Tea and gin are two of my favourite things, so when I saw that the clever people at Red Candy had managed to combine them both in the most adorable G&Tea Cocktail Set, I was super excited to put it to the test.
With a puntastic teapot and two dainty tea cups, the G&Tea Cocktail Set is perfect for cocktail hour - even if it's in front of Netflix and in your pyjamas. Made from a stunning iridescent sheen coated glass with a gold rim, it captures the light in a series of rainbow hues and is the perfect gift for anyone who lives glitz, chintz or kitsch.

In addition to the beautiful aesthetic, one of my favourite things about the set was that the teapot actually has it's own removable glass filter. This is perfect if you want to add your own botanicals to the mix (my favourite is juniper berries), but stops them from tumbling out through the spout.

This set is so adorable, and works on so many levels. Cute housewarming gift? Check! Birthday gift? Sure! Treat yourself Tuesday? Absolutely! I love Red Candy for cute gifts and homewares, but this is absolutely one of my favourite things from the site yet!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. I saw a set like this in MenKind and thought it was such a cute idea!

  2. I don’t even like gin, but that set us so gorgeous.


  3. This is such as cute set, I love how quirky and fun it is! Would definitely get this for myself and I know a few people with birthdays coming up who would love this set as a gift too! x


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