Polaroid, Kitty Cushions and Kitchen Kitsch - Say Hello To Cool Stuff

Hello lovely readers! For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you might have seen that I've been really busy with freelance work for the last few months which is why my blog posts have been a little bit sparse and sporadic. I'm hoping to be back to the usual three posts a week come September, and have lots of content prepped to go if only I can find the time to edit the images and write the words to accompany them! But I wanted to write today about a Sweedish company who I recently worked called Cool Stuff, who surprise, surprise, sell lots of fun, kitsch, silly and useful gift items. They were kind enough to send me a few items which made my cat loving photo nerd heart very happy, and between the fun kitty cushion and 70s style Polaroid bag, I'm pretty much in love!

This Spralla Cat Cushion (£14.99) is the "sneaky" option of six available kitty faces. I had to go for this little kitty pumpkin as it reminded me so much of Goldie, the cat who is most definitely not my cat even though she thinks she is. My boyfriend screamed in terror when he came home and saw it peeping out of the box, cementing it as the single best item residing in our living room.

The designs are 3D printed on a cosy fabric with adorable ears, and are so squishy for cat cuddles without the cat claws. Whilst Goldie wasn't quite as amused by her pillow doppelganger as I was, I'm not contemplating which other styles to get to fill up our sofa!

Next up was a really interesting kitchen gadget made by one of Cool Stuff's own brands, KitchPRO. It's called a Manual Vegetable Chopper (£16.99), and is a handy tool to have around for all manner of reasons. The most obvious use is salads and veggies, and it's a given that it works well for finely cutting leaves, cucumbers and anything else you care to throw in there. However I've also found it wonderful for cocktails - whether cutting up mint, thyme or even crushing ice! For a small contraption which works by a hand powered pull string, it's surprisingly versatile. So far I've managed a successful salsa and guacamole, and can't wait to see if I can rustle up some sort of passing attempt at hummus!

The last two items are probably going to be my most used from the bunch, as nothing makes me happier than some kitsch camera fun. I have a really old Polaroid 600 Camera which I'd purchased second hand from eBay years ago, and it sits by my desk amongst a collection of other film cameras. Let's be real, Polaroid film isn't cheap but it's the perfect item for special occasions. Who can resist the magic of shooting a shot with friends, and then shaking it until the image starts to appear like something right out of Hogwarts. I was so happy when Polaroid starting to manufacture their legendary film once again, and Cool Stuff sell Polaroid Originals 600 (£19.99) in both b&w and colour variants.

It was the beautiful Polaroid Originals Camera Bag (£35.99) in cream which literally made me squeak with happiness upon opening. Yes it's a practical bag, with a magnetic clasp, interior pocket drawstring and even an external pocket for your developed photos. But have you LOOKED at it? It's a thing of 70s beauty, with it's iconic rainbow stripe and is 100% going to be used as a handbag as well as a camera bag. In terms of what it holds, the bag comfortably fits a camera and a pack of film, and is easy to access for fast shooting, as well as being comfortable to wear.

But most importantly, it's the cutest thing in the world! And I feel completely ready for an adventure whilst wearing it!

Cool Stuff have definitely gone to the top of my list of sites to visit when searching for fun gifts. It's such am interesting mixture of products and at a range of different price points so whether you're looking for a special birthday gift or a small token present, they are an excellent first port of call.

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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  1. I love that kitty cushion.


  2. Ooooh these are some really cool items (pun intended)! I just had a look on their website and they have such a wide range of things on offer! Could definitely spend hours shopping on there! x

    1. They're so great for fun and unique gifts - although I for every present I find, I can see two things I want for myself! ;) x


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