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You all know that I love a good vintage handbag or hairstyle, and have amassed something of a collection of original vintage compact cases and repro lipsticks. So when I was approached about trying out the range of perfumes from the legendary Aqua Manda, my heart was giddy with excitement.

Firstly let me tell you a little about this brand. Aqua Manda are as iconic as they are nostalgic, being THE statement scent of the late 60s to mid 70s. With their 2013 relaunch bringing their citrus scents back for a new generation of perfume lovers, even the fruity florals of the original packaging has been faithfully recreated for a modern audience.

(c) Aqua Manda

For the older generations, the mandarin top note of Aqua Manda is a scent associated with their youth, and one which defined their generation as much as the music and fashions of the day. The spicy base notes make the fragrance perfect for day and evening, lingering on the skin thanks to a blend of high quality essential oils. In addition to the perfume, you can now also buy the scent in a range of bath and body products, with items starting from just £4 making them perfect stocking fodder.

(c) Aqua Manda

(c) Aqua Manda

Aqua Citra is Aqua Manda's lemony sister, with a symphony of citrus notes contrasting with soft spice and fresh green florals. With a woody, musky undertone, Aqua Citra is the autumn to Aqua Manda's summer with the two similar scents diverging vastly with their base notes. Again you can buy a range of products in the scent, all enjoying the beautiful, retro packaging designs.

Made in England and having been approved by the original creator of the Aqua Manda fragrance, this range is perfect if you want to give a nostalgic gift to a loved one, or share the scent of excitement and youth with a friend. I've worn both scents a few times and keep flipping back and forth between which of the two is my favourite. Eventually I realised that I wasn't favouring one over the other in terms of scent, but at what time of day I was wearing it with the heaviness of Aqua Manda being the perfect smokey evening fragrance, and Aqua Citra a wonderful, fresh, crisp scent for the day. Have you tried them before? Is it something you remember from your mum's dressing table? Let me know in the comments below.

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