Fly Me To The Moon - Venus Van Chic Pamela Sleeved Swing Dress from Dolly & Dotty

I've spoke about my love for vintage repro brand Dolly & Dotty before on the blog, and often find that they are one of my go to faves when looking for a dress for a special occasion. But recently there was a dress on their site which really caught my eye, one which stepped away from the usual frivolous kitsch normally associated with repro styles. This dress was grown up Bettie Draper realness, and the perfect style for anyone who wants a smart wardrobe staple with a vintage twist.
Grey is a colour which I don't have much of in my wardrobe, and I really don't know why as it's such a versatile backdrop for every other shade. It also works so well with the classic shape of the Venus Van Chic Pamela Sleeved Swing Dress, a style which lends itself as an easy choice for so many different events and situations.

Dress: Venus Van Chic Pamela Sleeved Swing Dress (currently unavailable)
Tights: 80 Den Tights from Pamela Mann
Necklace: Part of the 2018 Halloween Collection from Black Heart Creatives
Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Simply Be (no longer available but similar here)

The higher neckline and lower length have been tailored in such a way that the dress is modest without being frumpy or conservative. Depending on how you style it, it would work in all manner of situations - church wedding, business meeting, smart dinner - check, check and check.

The shape is so comfy, with the boxy pleats hiding a flowing skirt. Buttons adorn the sleeves for some cute detailing, whilst the dress itself comes with every modern woman's favourite - deep pockets! Throw on a cropped blazer if you want to keep off the chill, and you are good to go!

Although currently out of stock, this dress is available up to a UK 26, and you can find Dolly & Dotty's dedicated plus size section here.

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  1. That’s a great black dress.


  2. I’m just living for that twinkly little necklace!


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