Photography: Patchwork - Test shoot with Ruby Lorcan and Louise Lerego

Sometimes, just sometimes, things fall into place unexpectedly. I'd had an idea for a shoot I'd wanted to run with for such a long time - something simple, with mixed prints, mixed fabrics, and a bit of a vintage-but-can't-quite-place-it aesthetic to keep it timeless - but I couldn't quite find the right model or right brand to pitch it with. Then a model who I had wanted to collaborate with for a very long time posted a photo so different to her usual style that it blew my mind, and suddenly she was the perfect star for this role. And so began the mission of me standing utterly clueless in a North London fabric shop for an hour with no plan, clumsily gluing my fingers together with fabric glue, and somehow ending my year with the shoot of my dreams and a team who understood and even expanded on my vision.
Model / stylist: Ruby Lorcan
Make-up artist / hair: Louise Lerego

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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