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* Blog post contains gifted items.

I've been a huge fan of Punky Pins for as long as I can remember. Between their dino necklaces, Nasty Woman totes and sweary Christmas penguin pins, they are pretty much my dream brand. Even my tablet is covered in a mix of Hello Kitty stickers from them, and with each collaboration, I swear they have someone following me around because every launch, I feel like I NEED almost everything. So when completely out of the blue I had an email from them asking if I'd be interesting in getting a package from them, dear reader, let me tell you, my face was a picture! And obviously after trying to play it cool for about 60 seconds, I replied with a resounding OHMYGODYESILOVEYOU!!!11! (I might only be exaggerating slightly...)

A few days later a box arrived containing all manner of dinosaur shaped fun. A mix of stickers, pins and a gorgeous phone case all created in a mix of bright pastel shades, making all the dreams of this 90s kid come true. 

The pins are such great quality - I've been buying them myself for years, and these cute dino ones are no exception. They are made from a hard enamel, and are so detailed whether it's a tiny daisy in the mouth or glittering spikes. They are the perfect size for jacket collars, backpacks and anywhere else you can pierce a pin through.

The transparent dino phonecase is adorable, and comes available in a variety of iPhone models. And if you're keen to customise the rest of your electronics, the large die-cut vinyl stickers are perfect! The only hard thing is deciding who goes wear, and at approximately 95mm wide are brilliant for everything from your laptop to your diary.

Dinosaur Fan Club Large Vinyl Sticker - £2
Lilac Stegosaurus Dinosaur Large Vinyl Sticker - £2
No F*cks Given Dinosaur Large Vinyl Sticker - £2
Blue Apatosaurus Dinosaur Large Vinyl Sticker - £2
Pink Stegosaurus Dinosaur Large Vinyl Sticker - £2

Green Stegosaurus Dinosaur Enamel Pin - £7
Pink Triceratops Dinosaur Enamel Pin - £7
Blue Apatosaurus Dinosaur Enamel Pin - £7
No F*cks Given Stegosaurus Dinosaur Enamel Pin - £7

Kawaii Pastel Dinosaur Phone Case - £15

The dinosaur gang range contains everything from socks to hip flasks, but if for some reason dinos aren't your thing, don't worry. Punky Pins have a huge range of collections and styles, including astrology, dogs, cats, books, feminism and plants. And as they often have seconds sales, it's worth keeping an eye on their Instagram to keep up to date.

I think the blue Apatosaurus chewing on a daisy is my favourite dinosaur - don't forget to tell me who your one is in the comments below!

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

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