I Put A Spell On You - Halloween All Year with Killstar and Brim & Proper

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm not very subtle about keeping up with spooky season all year round in our house! And one of the benefits of having a birthday in the lead up to Halloween, is that there is every chance your gifts from wonderful friends will maybe be themed accordingly . 

I fell in love with this beautiful bat fascinator from Brim and Proper the second I saw it in my Instagram feed, and was so excited when my lovely friend Lou (a fellow lover of creepy cute) said she would buy it as a birthday gift. I literally gasped when I opened up the package - it was so beautiful and so well made and I knew immediately that I'd be wearing it for Halloween with my ridiculous sleeved dressing gown from Killstar.

When it comes to how I dress, I try my best to creep it on the cute side, and feel like I've finally found my style now that I've stumbled into the next decade. I'm definitely more of a teenage grunge tinged goth at heart, and whilst I'd love to be resplendent in the glamour of Elvira and Morticia all of the time (I'm still working on that one!), my happy medium is prints which make me smile, lace, pointed collar tips and fun accessories. This is about as "glamourous" as I can get, and even then it has to be edged in a touch of silliness. But that's just fine - 95% of my life is currently spent in pyjamas and jogging bottoms, 4% band tees or Moomin prints, and 1% massively overdressed because I'm seeing a friend for coffee, and it's a valid excuse!

Is this outfit practical? No! Did it make me feel good? Absolutely! Will I be wearing this again anytime before the spring? Absolutely not! My reality by the seaside is all about the hoodies and fuzzy pyjamas, and that's just fine!

Robe: Deadly Daze Satin Robe from Killstar

Fascinator: Bat Attack Birdcage Veil from Brim And Proper

Necklace: Handmade resin "blood" drop by me over at FLP Selling

Stockings: Plus Size Jive Seamed Stockings from Pamela Mann

Suspender Belt: Lace Six Strap Suspender Belt from Big Bloomers

Bra: Sachi Bra from Elomi

Until next time,

Diana x ❤ x

(All photos (c) Diana Thompson / Fashion Loves Photos unless otherwise stated. Please do not reproduce without written permission.) 

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