Someone You Care About Need Support Through Grief? These Tips Will Help

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It's difficult to know how to respond or do when someone you love is mourning. The bereaved

experience tremendous emotions such as depression, rage, guilt, and sadness. They often feel alone

and alone in their mourning, since the severe pain and challenging emotions make people hesitant to


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Intrude, say the incorrect thing, or make your loved one feel worse. Maybe you think there's nothing you can do to help. That makes sense. But don't allow your uneasiness to stop you from helping a bereaved person. Your loved one needs you now more than ever. You don't need to know everything or express everything. Simply being there for a bereaved person is vital. Your loving presence will assist your loved one deal with the pain and healing.

Recognize The Grief Process

Understanding sorrow and how it heals will help you better assist a grieving friend or family member:

There is no incorrect way to mourn. Grief often does not follow a linear path. It's an emotional

rollercoaster with ups and downs. Refrain from telling your loved one how they “should” feel or act.

Grief can cause overwhelming feeling.

Guilt, rage, hopelessness, and terror are prevalent. It is common for bereaved people to yell at the

sky or cry for hours. Your loved one needs to know their feelings are normal. Don't judge or personalize

their grief.

Grieving has no defined timetable. Many people need 18 to 24 months to heal after a loss, although it

can take longer or shorter for others. Don't make your loved one feel rushed or like they've been

grieving for too long. This can hinder the healing process.

Help In practical ways

Many bereaved people find it hard to seek help. It's possible they're too depressed to reach out, or

they're resentful of the attention. Instead of stating, “Let me know if there's anything I can do,” make it

much easier by giving specific suggestions. “I'm heading to the store this afternoon.” “What can I

provide you?” “I made beef stew.” When can I bring you some?”

Try to be constant in your aid offers.

The mourning person will know you will be there for as long as it needs and will not have to ask


You can aid a grieving person in various ways. You can:

  • Get groceries or do chores.

  • Bring a dish or other meal.

  • Help with funeral plans

  • Maintain a presence at your loved one's home.

  • Insurance forms or bills?

  • Do chores like cleaning or laundry.

  • Watch or pick up their kids.

  • Look at Bronze Grave Markers.

  • Take your loved one somewhere.

  • Take care of their pets.

  • Take them to a support group.

  • Take them on a walk.

  • Take them out to eat or to the cinema.

  • A fun pastime .

These are just a few of the ways you can support someone who is grieving. The important thing is that

you show them that you are there for them. They may not want it straight away but just knowing will be

a comfort for most. 

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