Let's get this party started

In the absence of any type of artistic hedonism these past few months, my brain has been longing for an evening of excess and good music. One of those nights where your eye liner is dripping down your face and your hair has pouffed to Marie Antoinette proportions, and yet somehow you just don't care and manage to dance it off. Bar a few gigs that I've shot, my nightlife as of late has involved working out advertisement designs, sourcing larger clients and contracts that we can pitch to and editing an ever increasing work load of photos shot for both clients and magazines. I've been the Queen of little more than the kettle, with far too much time spent in pyjamas with unrulely eyebrows and roots that would make even Cruella De'Ville shudder in horror. In short, I'm feeling less than fabulous, and nostalgic for those evening of Vaudeville mayhem, and carnival carnage. When did my red lipstick get swapped for Primark f-Uggs to wander around the studio in? When did the stockings and corsets get replaced with star pyjama bottoms and Hello Kitty t-shirts? I can feel my sensible sensibilities being attacked. Rumbles in the back of my brain. I fear than war might have been declared. Let's hope that the f-Uggs are taken prisoner first...

But in the meantime, here are some photos of people being fabulous...

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